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Re: Bike Fit: Unusually tall stack... now what? [QCTri]
Everyone else is pretty well covered it. That fit isn't great at all for identifying the right size bike for you.

Wrong saddle, flexibility limitation is nonsense (as a position-limiter) based on what you've told us, and if we could see pics I'm guessing the saddle height is a smidge too high as well (for the saddle you're riding).

This is ultimately the problem with fit first - it's actually pretty hard to do well and most people claiming they do it aren't providing any value at all. It's just a dog and pony show to keep you from only buying from the fitters that are good at it.

Listing things like crank length and the saddle used is essential information - if one thing was missing I would chalk it up to a mistake, but when nothing is listed I assume the fitter doesn't realize it's extremely important. Without knowing which saddle was used, fit coordinates are turn-by-turn directions that ignore the starting point. If you don't start at the right spot, taking a left and then a right and then a left won't get you where you want to go. But if you know where to start, then those directions can be extremely useful.

But even when it's listed, it can still be ignored. We have a competitor that has, on numerous occasions, told a customer our fit coordinates were bad when their setup led to bad results. But the bad results were because the competitor didn't realize you needed to use the same (or extremely similar) saddle to reproduce the same outcome. I know it seems like it should be Bike Shop 101 stuff, but not so much.

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