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Re: Choice between the new ENVE SES Aero TT system or the Profile Design Aeria Ultimate. Which would you choose? [kileyay]
kileyay wrote:
The GMAN wrote:
I haven't thought of BTA or computer mounts yet. I'll probably just keep my Xlab torpedo cage and see what real estate I have left for the computer.

He just said there's potentially a massive performance advantage associated with the integrated bottle. You're not going to try it and see if it works? I guess I'd probably give it a shot if I had this bar

Not yet available. I'd also like to add that I'm not sure it would play well with the Dimond brake cover. I haven't found one single BTA system that "hangs" between the bars to work with the Dimond.

cyclenutnz wrote:

The integrated bottle is still a few months away from hitting the market. It's not an easy thing to make.

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