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Re: Choice between the new ENVE SES Aero TT system or the Profile Design Aeria Ultimate. Which would you choose? [Slowman]
Slowman wrote:
minimalist wrote:
There seem to be a lot of assumption that the Aeria Ultimate is fast in the tunnel, but have we actually seen anything that indicates this yet? It looks good, but I haven't seen any data, or hint of any.

the designer of that bar is on the forum, so he'll tell you i presume. he's got software which can aero model, which he designed himself, so he is not naive to aerodynamics as a data point in product design.

I haven't seen any aero data and while I haven't asked him but he has heavily hinted here that the system with the new bottle is quite a bit faster than without. I just don't like integrated hydration like that on my bike, but if it is fast enough and functional enough that I guess I'd have to consider using it on race day.
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