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Re: Premier Tactical [stephanl]

We will change the decal on the down tube in the next shipment.

We are discussing colors.

We will offer an entry level bike at a lower price point: 50 mm wheels, no hard case, no optimized chain and no power meter. Same frame, fork, aero-bar, seat post, DI-2, but with replaceable shifter's on the bull horns that can be plugged into the junction box. So- extension bar shifting.

We will have all wheels with the blacked out decals. Color decals on special order.

All options will come with the tilt kit.

The new round extension hardware will be a separate purchase at a great price.

So there will be a frame set, lower up-gradable option and the Tactical.

We will have all the bikes interchangeable with the 50 mm, 88 mm and 88/disk options.

We will have a new chain lube that works perfectly with our optimized chain.

We will have an aero road bike that we will offer as a stand alone bike or as a discounted package with the Tactical. The road bike will be compatible with DI-2 or mechanical.

We will also have the XS option on the Tactical.

We will have a full bearing upgrade kit to pair with our optimized chain - rear pulleys, bb bearings etc. at half the cost of our competitors.

Shimano lead times are growing daily so that will be a challenge for everyone. Maybe an option there.

Dan Kennison

facebook: @triPremierBike
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