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Re: Pirelli comes back to road cycling with new tires [gregk]
gregk wrote:
BryanD wrote:
Looks like we have some new tires to talk about!

Pirelli comes back to road cycling https://www.bikerumor.com/...elo-race-tire-range/


Best of luck to them. It'll probably be an uphill battle - it's a saturated market with some well-established products (and as others have mentioned, lots of cheap online prices).

For people who are really picky about their tires, I'm not sure it's so saturated. There are a few clearly better choices:

Gp4000sii for those who want reasonably fast rolling, good aero and good flat protection.

Turbo cotton, Conti TT and SS for fast rolling clinchers with tubes, turbo cotton a tiny bit slower but with a bit more flat protection.

Vittoria Corsa Speed for fastest possible rolling tires if you are going tubeless.

That's really all of the decent choices, right? I think there's room for another player in there, especially one with the cache of the Pirelli brand- IF the performance is really there. Yet to be determined.

Ed O'Malley
VeloVetta is developing AERO cycling shoes with CFD and wind tunnel testing.
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