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Re: My vet lost my dog [justgeorge]
So sorry for your loss. I've only used Banfield when I've known what the issue is and so I pay less than my usual vet. Many of the vets at those clinics seem pretty inexperienced at least in my neck of the woods. I lost two a little more than a year ago. They have a great service here in Or, a bunch of veterinarians take call so I had a vet come to my house on both occasions to say goodbye here. Then they transported them with the most respect, stretcher, blankets and all, to the crematorium and ashes of both were delivered to my doorstep. The latter part they no longer do and you have to pick them up, but I would highly recommend an at home service should you need it again. Worth every penny. I would be utterly pissed if I were you too. I hope you get some closure. Losing a pet is hard enough without that.
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