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Re: Roka Maverick Pro II vs. Elite II [adrooks]
I had an Elite I, and it was great. Just got the COMP II, and it's even better. That said, I've never had an issue with shoulder flexibility in a wetsuit. The Comp II, has even better flex than my old Elite I. I realize this doesn't answer your question but thought I'd plug just how amazing the $300 COMP suit is. If you scroll down they have a nice little comparison table, the COMP does not have the arm's up tech. Also Dan wrote a good article on them.

adrooks wrote:
Considering a new wetsuit for the upcoming season. Narrowed my search to the new Roka Maverick II suits (to at least test drive) but trying to decide whether the Pro II is worth the $200 bump over the Elite II.

Has anyone made this decision before? Or tested these suits side-by-side?

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