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Re: A2 Aero Data for Corsa Speed, Conti Supersonic and TT on HED JET+ Black [Canadian]
Canadian wrote:
Out of curiosity, can I ask why you chose the variable pressures for each tire? Also, how did you measure the pressure?

We chose various pressures because in our opinion you are going to ride the the tires at different pressures. I definitely realize there is no true apples-to-apples comparison and everyone will choose slightly different pressures. In addition the Enve 7 data will be coming out as well. We ended up doing two wheels and three tires instead of the three wheels and two tires.

Fwiw, we also tried to match valve extenders and keep them as short as possible. The HED JET+ we used a 72mm tube (60mm depth) and on the Enve we used 82mm (71mm depth).

Had I had more time I would have reached out to Josh to use a Silca pump for testing, and although there was a Silca pump there it was old and the dial was too small to read properly. We ended up using my Topeak Joe Blow. I realize it is $40 and this is the second one of these I have had in 8 years or so. I consider it to be a great pump, easy to use, and based on the Amazon reviews others tend to concur. As for the accuracy, I am sure it isn't accurate as the Silca pump. I can say I did some pressure testing last year of a different sort and the pump seemed consistent. I was measuring # of strokes to get to a certain PSI.

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