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Re: Secondhand Dimond [getbarreled]
getbarreled wrote:
RowToTri wrote:
getbarreled wrote:
RowToTri wrote:
The published advertised price is $1200. The published upgrade price for original owners is $600. Clear as day.

Where is this published anywhere? So far no one has produced this published pricing you speak of.

A link to this was posted on the first page and referenced at least 4 times in this thread:


Do you even read your own thread?

Just re read it. You're full of crap. That link is nowhere in this thread. And a year and a half old independent review/press release on tri rig is hardly an up to date price sheet. I assume you think it's inappropriate for Garmin to sell the 920 at a discount since you probably paid full pop?

The link is in post 17. Look for the capitalized words "THIS ONE" that are colored blue as if it might be a hyperlink. Before calling someone full of shit, you should be a little more careful. Also before calling yourself tasteful.

Ed O'Malley
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