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Re: Secondhand Dimond [getbarreled]
getbarreled wrote:
This is really just to serve as a warning. After buying a Dimond Brilliant through Pros Closet, it became clear that the previous owner cut the steerer tube too short. I contacted Brad Bach at Dimond via telephone and told him the situation. He he told me that a replacement Superfork sold for $600. Expensive but understandable. Upon following up with him via email about lead time and to start the ordering process. He informed me that it would be $1200 for the superfork. When I called later to question the change, he told me that $600 is how much they charged people who had bought full priced bikes from them (he knew from the first minute we spoke, that I had purchased secondhand), and that $1200 would be my price. I pressed further, he said he would sell one to me for $600, only if I made referral that resulted in the purchase of a full price bike. When I pressed him on the matter of questionable customer service in quoting a price, then doubling it (which he does not deny doing), he told me what I suspected all along. They doubled the price, just for me!
"Nate, we have never sold a superfork to a non-customer before, and I don't plan to start doing that anytime soon. The $600 price is for Dimond customers. I'm sorry the exception I was going to give to you isn't enough."
They should just say it from the start. "If you didn't buy it from us, then fuck off."

Either they were having a bad day or there is more to this story. The service from Dimond is usually excellent.

In fact ... I am going to go out on a limb and say there is absolutely more to this story.

I have a couple of questions .... you state 'replacement'. So the fork on the bike is already a Superfork, yes? Because they would likely get you a replacement standard fork but not a replacement Superfork, which is also fair given that they do not openly sell the superfork. By replacement you are implying it has a Superfork already.

When Brad initially quoted the $600 did he think that you were an existing Dimond customer or did he know you were a third party?
"They doubled the price just for me" No they didn't. The price was always $600 to existing owners and $1200 otherwise. They notified all existing Dimond customers of this arrangement (which, arguably, you are not) at the time the fork was released.And it was also publicly press released with the pricing even included in the reviews like THIS ONE from TriRig. If you are hoping that by Brad, having potentially made a mistake in offering it to you for $600, should then be held to that mistake, then that seems a bit unfair.

I can understand your frustration in buying a bike that needs an expensive replacement part. But in light of this I would assume returning the defective purchase is a good idea. There seems little angst towards the guys who sold you the bike but a ton of issues with Dimond because you don't like the cost to fix it.

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