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Re: Official Giant Trinity Advanced Owners Thread [Coy17a]
I was previously on a Felt DA4 using Dura Ace cranks w/ a 4iiii Precision Power meter. With the Felt, the power meter needed to be placed carefully because the rear brake stuck out a bunch.

On my Trinity Adv. Pro 1 the rear brake is integrated in a much cleaner way (exact same brake as the Pro2). The brake fairings are flush with the chainstays. There is the adjustment bolt that sticks out a tiny bit, but all in all, I have tons of clearance for my 4iiii powermeter on the Giant. You could mount the power meter anywhere on the crank other than within an inch closest to the BB and have tons of room for it. I've been riding with my 4iiii power meter on the Pro1 for a month now.
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