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Re: Official Giant Trinity Advanced Owners Thread [JVanderveen]
JVanderveen wrote:

For Di2 I was thinking a 5 port junction in the nose would be far more simple. Then you could send a single wire to the A-Junction in the bento.

Indeed. Unfortunately, the B-junctions are only 4 port max! I guess Shimano did not anticipate TT bikes would have more stash space in front of a more rearward mounting spot for the A junction? Of course, you could put another 4 port B-junction under the stem. There might be room enough for that.

JVanderveen wrote:
I agree you can take the covers and base bar off relatively quickly, but I think it's not a good way to travel with the bike in a bike bag. You'd basically have to re-rout all your Di2 cables and maybe even brake cables in order to fit the bike in a regular bike bag. I think the best solution is a bike bag like the Scicon which allows the bars to remain on the bike. Of course, the bag is really expensive.

Yeah, standard stems make that a lot easier.With this bike, I would pop off the bars, unplug the Di2 wires at the B-junction that go towards the A-junction, then rotate the bars down and zip tie to the fork. There should be enough play in the brake cables to allow that. (Of course, there will be plenty of squishy stuff between those parts.)

JVanderveen wrote:
During 70.3 or longer, I'll probably stick to CO2 and tube under the saddle or in the bento if possible. With all the though into their nutrition storage, I would've thought Giant would think of a better flat storage solution.

Yeah, that'd be nice...but consider that when this bike was released, the only player with such a setup was the Trek with its draft box. I'd imagine that such an addon would have patent issues. The Giant came before the DB andean, p5x, new Dimond. Plus, these other three boxes have no UCI legal configurations. The Canyon managed to make a small storage cubby and remain UCI compliant, so no excuse for Giant.

JVanderveen wrote:
I'd love to see some wind tunnel data on the Trinity. The bike feeling or looking fast doesn't mean much if it isn't.

I went to the UW tunnel with mine. But, that was just a single bike test. I can tell you that the aero bottle in the triangle was a good thing (for me at least).
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