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Re: How was your week? Feb. 27 Edition [tigerchik]
TC - HUGE congrats, that's awesome news.

I have been busy but loving the old-new job. Plus skating has been crazy - all the end of season meets... so my bad for not being around.

Last week, rode 4x including on my new bike - a Specialized CruX E5 1x cross bike. (40T x 11-32) Crazy awesome. This will become new cx bike/commuter, the old Olmo from 2002 will be stripped and retired. :-(

Edit: Pic of new bike - mine's the shiny silver one (the teal cages match the teal highlights on our kit). And yes the reflectors and pie plate are gone lol.

Also skated 3x and had a meet - first in 3 months - and I didn't race so well, to be expected really.

This week: Provincial Short track champs all weekend. Skate 2x on top of that. Ride EZ/short 2x. Not much else. Be rested for the meet (I wasn't for the last one).


"How bad could it be?" - SimpleS
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