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Re: Ironman and ITU now partners. Legal tt bikes [philly1x]
Yeah, I read the whole thing. You snipped only part of it and you missed what I think is the most important part:

  • The ITU sanctioning select IRONMAN events as international events

  • I think that yes, they do want to avoid some of the conflicts and surprises with rule differences that have ruined some people's races. But What does each party really get out of this? They both signed this MOU willingly. No one is being forced here. WTC will never tell their most loyal customers that the $7,000 bikes they all bought are now junk and they have to buy new ones. What benefit would they get from this? What leverage would ITU have to make them do this? I think it is mostly about the long distance world championships.

    Right now, the Ironman World Championships are considered by most to be the real one (cue the outrage from the ITU fans). And really it is. No disrespect to ITU LD world's competitors, but ITU treats it like the ugly stepchild. The shop it out to regional organizing committees and race directors instead of managing it themselves. They have repeatedly allowed officiating and course timing be so bad that blatant course cutters are winning world titles. The quality of the events, so I hear, are pretty low compared to IM and IM 70.3 worlds in terms of facilities, course, etc. And it is much easier to qualify for than Kona, leading to much less competitive fields.

    But the ITU feels they cannot acknowledge an event that they have nothing to do with as a World Championship, so they keep putting it on, even though they really don't want to. They care about short course and in particular draft-legal. Everything else is a distraction for them. But can they call themselves the legitimate international governing body when their position in the most popular form of triathlon - long course non-draft - is minuscule compared to Ironman?

    And Ironman would love for the official governing body to stop trying to compete with them and finally acknowledge their races as the real world championships.

    My guess is that is what this is about and that is what is coming.

    But what does that mean for selection to "Team USA" or other worlds AG teams? Would the NGB's still have control over it, or would it continue to be slots handed out at Ironman races as it is currently? If you race in Kona will you have to buy a crappy and overpriced TYR tri suit?

    Ed O'Malley
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