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Re: Ironman and ITU now partners. Legal tt bikes [JODIRT]
JODIRT wrote:
This just in. ITU and Ironman are now partnering up for many reasons such as growth of the sport and regulating rules. Im pondering on this speculation of them :

Working toward a single set of rules (ITU Competition Rules) for long-distance triathlon beginning in 2018

Originally from: http://eu.ironman.com/...u.aspx#ixzz4XMM2pf8x

Could this may mean LEGAL UCI bikes since ITU is under the UCI...

Wait and see !

Pretty sure WTC has all the power in this relationship - particularly when it comes to non-draft triathlon.. If they make a uniform rule on non-draft bike geometry it will be ITU going the way of WTC, not the other way around.

Ed O'Malley
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