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Re: Guppy Challenge, Week-7 (Critique my swim vids) [Slowman]
Are new entrants welcome? I have to confess I'm only starting the guppy program now. Basically I'm a cyclist who can run pretty well.
I do 70.3 and 140.6 events as the ratio of swimming to "the good stuff" is better and allows me to be competitive. I've never been a swimmer, I struggle at it and don't particular enjoy it. Pretty much fight through every stroke and breath. 1h 15 swim at Copenhagen last year. Strangely enough when I've been swimming for a while, I'm much faster in a pool than OW, guys who i'll be 15s/100 quicker than on repeats get out of the water at the same time or faster in a 3.8k race despite me having a top of the line, good fitting wet suit.
Basically I want a trip to Hawaii (who doesn't?) and my swimming isn't going to allow it.

I sink like a brick, I tried the lying face down drill and honestly try as I might my feet touch the bottom inside of 2 secs. I tried the land equivalent (prone superman position?) and it makes me swim in a hammock shape.

I know pretty much nothing is particularly right about my stroke but would love a firm grip or plan on where to attack first. I get zero propulsion from my kick. With a kickboard I genuinely stay static in the water. With a pull buoy swimming feels so much easier.

Anyway, I hope these videos are adequate. They were done a while back and I've been focusing on getting a bent elbow catch since then.
Any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks for what you are doing here

Apologies I am struggling with embedded linking of the second video

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