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Re: Guppy Challenge, Week-7 (Critique my swim vids) [SharkFM]
Ok guys this is going to be a hard one! so many things to fix!
first of all a little background: as many, started swimming 3 years ago (age 29), for only 1 reason: doing triathlons. never swam in my entire life, couldn't do a single lap without grasping for air. The first year went by with me finishing a couple of 70.3 with a swim time around 37-40min. Late 2015 I started doing the finding freestyle program, it helped me a lot, especially with syncing my kick with the upper body. At the end of the program I was able to improve my average pace by 15-20secs.
For work reasons, beginning of 2016 I stopped training, and resumed last November, obviously much slower than 9 months before. when the guppy challenge started I picked it up immediately and it helped me getting close to where I was last year.
Swimming is by far the sport where I suck the most, I struggle being relaxed in the water, my shoulder mobility is horrible (if I stand and lift my arms straight up, they're way in front of my head and you can see it also when I'm swimming, my arms are way below the surface of the water); my ankle flexibility is horrible as well! I feel like I'm at a dead end right now, I would really appreciate your feedback.

In the video you will see two segments, both front/back and from the side; in the first segment I'm trying a 6 beat kick, in the second a 2 beat kick. I've always kicked with a 2 beat, I always struggled with the 6 beat, but lately I tried harder to learn it, and it's getting better.

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