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Re: hip/glute pain [littlenorm]
I also have a torn labrum. 1st diagnosed in 2013, the thing that seemed to help me was unearthing a leg length discrepancy and shimming footwear to reduce it. At that time, injections of pain meds into my joint suggested my pain was not coming from the labrum so I did not pursue surgery.


Now... I see a surgeon on Monday. Things are much worse. :-\

If you have impingement I just don't see how that won't get worse w/o having the impingement corrected. My boyfriend had that surgery 1 year ago. His take on my hip pain was, "oh wow, you don't have an impingement? get the labrum fixed - that's easy." Removing the impingement is more work / damage / recovery. Still, he's happy he did it.

Good luck. And I 2nd tigerchik - many have posted about this on the main forum.

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