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Re: The Official Diabetic Triathlete Thread [willbarfield]
Has anyone else had problems with their Dexcom reading accurately during workouts- specifically in aero?

The Dexcom is reading 30-40+ lower than the glucose meter. It is kind of hard to concentrate or get in a decent workout when the meter is beeping and sending urgent alerts that my levels are 50 and below. When I check my glucose the levels during the wkt they are in the 70- 80's. The readings on the Dexcom also go up immediately as soon as I get off the bike. I spoke to Dexcom today and one thing that might be causing the problem could be compression from being aero or bent over? I'm pretty lean and have the sensor inserted into a higher fat area 2 inches to the left/right of my navel.
I'm currently in the long process of being tested for an insulinoma. The Dexcom is accurate within a few points when I run and or in daily life with the glucose meter.

Have you found the Dexcom to be accurate during heavy training?
Is there another site that you have found for sensor placement that works well?
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