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Re: TRIRIG OMNI IS COMING!!!! [FindinFreestyle]
FindinFreestyle wrote:
If this bike is 5 watts faster than a P5 frameset, that is pretty substantial. If I cant hit 16cm of drop off a 78cm seat height, that is a deal breaker.

5 watts faster than a P5 frameset doesn't mean anything without the devilish details. 5 watts at what speed? With a rider onboard or just a magical bike riding itself in the tunnel? Dimond's data shows a big savings against a P5 (three) and a low end Shiv, but it vanishes when the rider is onboard. TriRig (and Ero) also state that one can save 4-5 watts just by replacing a stock front brake with an Omega X, again, without much detail in terms of speed, power output, etc...TriRig claims that a P2 with their aero bar is faster than a P5, so how much of the Omni performance is related to the bar and not the unconventional frame?

Will be interesting to see what kind of data they put out there. Personally, I've learned that I need to have access to two bottles, one with an energy drink and one that is just water to help me digest, so the aero savings is likely moot on the Omni for me unless it outweighs me stopping to take a drink from the rear mounted hydration :)
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