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Re: TRIRIG OMNI IS COMING!!!! [Canadian]
I didn't say I'd tried them -- I have simply heard of the issue and seen it close up -- in fact, it was reported on the Flo thread as well -- and it's an issue I doubt is isolated. It is totally fine though -- there is room in the market for an otherwise solid budget wheel that is aerodynamic but simply does not have the braking/inclement weather performance of wheels that are 50% more expensive. You've filled that niche. It's a good thing. But if you can afford to spend $8k on a bike, you can typically afford to spend 50% more and pick up some Zipps.

ETA: I'm far from anonymous. I have several pictures of myself in my profile, and my prior username was my first name and last two initials. I prefer not to appear in Google searches for a variety of reasons. If you have an issue with my opinion, that's fine, but it's not because I am hiding my identity.
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