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Re: 1 year anniversary of IT band syndrome! [cmscat50]
1 year? I dealt with that damn injury for 4 flipping years.

I've posted in other threads but my solution was:

- do everything in my power to get ridiculously strong hips. Best thing I did was get a standing desk at work and get some ankle weights and do tons of side leg lifts. I hit the gym, did lots of band work, front leg lifts, adductor/abductor machines, squats, deadlifts

- all the strength work makes your hips tight. Must loosen. A standard foam roller is crap. You need a lacross ball or even a baseball or a hard orange hockey ball (Walmart 99 cents). Roll deep in the hip/glutes

I maintain this once a week. Every week. No exceptions - it's not worth getting that injury again

This finally solved it for me 2 years ago. I could almost cry after running a 70.3 pain free.

Good luck
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