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Re: Is a Normatec really worth it? [bumpme]
bumpme wrote:
Hello folks I have a quick question - is a Normatec PCD really worth the cost or usage? Debating whether or not I should buy one for recovery, but it's a huge investment on my end.

Please share your thoughts from both a user and non-users standpoint


Recovery boots is the number one addition to my training this year and is a big part of why for the first year in a long time I didn't have a chronic overuse injury arise. It actually lead me to being a little over trained in April and falling performance. In previous year I had always tried recovery boots at a race and the rep always set the pressure way too high for me and I felt like my eyes were bulging out of their sockets. With that being said, I am now hooked, but you don't necessary need to go with Normatec. The Air Relax system is very nice, small and portable, and effective at 1/6 the price.

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