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Re: Official Specialized Shiv Thread [mattr]
I am picking up a new shiv crom my LBS tomorrow, been there today inspecting the build and there's a bunch of questions I came out of the shop with. It is a 16 elite with di2 and rotor PM cranks, so the aero bar is alloy, and I'd like to get the cleanest possible build.

What is my best option to hide the di2 junction?

I was surprised to see that the base bar is not prepared to run di2 cables internally. Has anyone out there drilled holes and driven cables inside the bar? Any advice on di2 or brake cable wear in the existing (out) bar hole caused by turning the bar?

I will post pictures once I get the bike (and learn how to do it) EDIT, I learned apparently :) Here is a picture of the almost-finished build, still need to remove some spacers and cut extensions:


Sr. Salitre
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