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Re: Battle of the frames: Felt IA 10 vs IA 1? [Sweeney]
Sweeney wrote:
I can tell you that on my IA16 the brake cables were not installed at the factory. When it came out of the box, the base bar was separate with the cables rolled up. The bike shop mechanic has to run the cables through the stem and frame. I have no issues at all with how my rear brake works.

Thank you for the pic and comments. I will gently call-out my LBS owner for telling me the brake housings were factory assembled. (Although in his defense, he may have been thinking about the cables inside the bars and not the long cable through the frame. It looks like one of his guys likely over-clamped the little cosmetic cover plate on the stem. It is still a bad design, in my humble opinion. I saved the smashed cable, and I plan to show him when I go back in for a fit touch-up.

The issue with the front brake is that the calipers softer, thin metal that can flex more easily than a typical Shimano or comparable caliper. Pads may have been an issue as well, but you could feel the mushiness in the basic mechanical action.
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