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Re: Let's see your ride! [dfru]
P2C rebuild. I have tuned pretty much everything on the ride. I am still waiting for the Sigma X to come out but other than that and a few other little details it is ready for this maiden voyage this weekend.

I was able to tune the aerobars to have an 8deg tilt and I might go back to ski bend extensions but for now I like how these feel.

Little details to keep everything as aero as possible. Custom bolt on skewers, customized aerobars, custom post, new paint, custom cable entry, tuned all of the parts, 1 X 10 set up running 11/28 x 46t for now but might go bigger depending on the ride this weekend. The gearing works out to match up with a 50/36 x 12/23 which should be fine for the races that I will be doing this year.

14.75 lbs as shown. I also have a Catalyst cover that is pretty light at 160g.

Brake pads shows are for tomorrows ride as I will be riding with my Flo 30s


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