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Re: The New Felt IA - IA 10, 14, 16 [theKAISER]
I don't find the brake cables to be a problem at all. Quite easy and very clean, in fact. It's just simply the bike, as supplied, does not allow for the junction box to be installed inside the nose cone. Honestly, under the Calpac is just easier. Every client is given a Torx 8 screwdriver to make life easier. No one is unhappy about it once we show them.

When we put eTap on one, it makes even more sense to place the Blipbox under the Calpac. In fact, we're planning an IA16 with eTap, a TriRig Omega X, and Trimax crank for the same price as an IA10 including fit and half-off aero testing.

I like the idea of the nose cone storage, and I think it will work better once the orientation of the junction box attachment is rotated 180 degrees.

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