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Re: The New Felt IA - IA 10, 14, 16 [SuperDave]
What is the Canadian pricing on the IAx lineup?
(Prices in Canadian dollars.)
The Feltwebsite shows the IA 10 frame at $3899.00.
IA 10 bike at $5599.00
IA 14 bike at $4299.00
IA 16 bike at $3599.00

The IA 10 frame cant be more expensive than the IA 16 complete bike? Are some of those prices incorrect or not properly adjusted for the weaker Canadian dollar?
SuperDave wrote:
Ai_1 wrote:
Very expensive compared to the IA16 at $2999.
An additional $500 for the groupset incl brakes, cockpit, wheels and saddle.

The only thing the frame has going for it is if the fork steerer will come uncut as Dave suggested before - to allow use of conventional 3rd party stems rather than just the Felt Tri155 and the TriRig stems that fit the cut steerer. However the picture shows it with the steerer cut and the Felt stem installed which is confusing. The "Technical Specs" on the website has the stem listed as n/a and I see no mention of steerer length. Perhaps the picture is a bit misleading and it actually comes with a long steerer tube and no stem?

Instead of the IA16, compare the IA10 to every other superbike frameset. How does it compare then?
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