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Re: 100/100 Run Challenge Airing of the Grievances Thread (last chance, running starts tomorrow) [Spenny P]
Spenny P wrote:
Ok, I fully understand that we've passed the point at which any grievances will be accomodated. However, I would like to properly honour this important festivus tradition, so (all in good fun) here it goes... ;-)

I got a lot of problems with you people:

1) Your forum stinks! There's too much bitching and complaining on this 100/100 forum thread thing. What's supposed to be a challenge becomes a whining contest to see who is more injured. Injuries suck, but save your complaints for your doc/physio/chiro. ;-)

2) Wussification of the sport has taken hold everywhere, especially on this 100/100 challenge where people want to count 15 minute warm up jogs as "runs". The point of a challenge is to see if you are man can possibly complete it, not to make the challenge easier to ensure success. It's sort of like abandoning the run of an Ironman, but demanding a finisher medal because you tried.... Nope, nope, nope.

Anyways, thanks again for hosting the challenge. Looking forward to logging plenty of base mileage over the next 90-something days. Good luck to all on your feats of strength. ;-)

I agree with point number 2. But at least we're forcing people to catch up tomorrow with a 45 min run the next day. Messick just cancels the swim, and then let's Reilly call people Ironmen and then has the audacity to give out Kona slots the next day!
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