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Slowtwitch approved IT Band rehab? Is swimming safe?
I'll just start by saying this: I'm an idiot who ramped up his running too quickly. I haven't ran since my IT bands started aching, and I've been resting for two weeks with minimal riding as well-was doing 150-300 miles a week, now down to 50-75. I've been foam rolling for the past week twice a day, and I think it might be helping? But the ITB's are still bothersome. So, slowtwitch: I implore you: share your ITB miracle solutions. Also, is swimming okay? What about weight lifting? I'm boredand going crazy with this sedentary bullshit, and there's a gold's gym 2 blocks away. What about yoga? This seems like a good time to try that, I've been meaning to for years.

Backstory: I haven't ran in a decade. I'd dropped from ~300 to ~190 by cycling+some swimming, felt great. Dropped swimming to start running again. It was wonderful; I loved it. My plan was to start running 10 minutes at a time, two days a week. First run was ~11:30 mile pace. Every week, add another day to that until I was at 6 days. Then add two minutes to every run per week, until at 30 minutes. Then do hill sprints twice a day for 30 minutes(hard up; easy down). And slowly work my way up to the BarryP 3:2:1 proportions. Instead, I felt great, loved running again. Absolutely loved it. and was doing 45 minute runs 3 days in a row on week 2. Then I went for 60 minutes because what the hell, I felt great. At a 9:15 mile pace(2:15 faster than day one less than two weeks before). And my ITB's said, 'sit down and stfu' so here I am. :(

The worst part of it was I felt pretty good after that 60 minute run. I can't explain how happy I was to have finally thrown off the yoke I was carrying when fat. I was finally approaching trim, and felt really confident and fit about my body. That run was GLORIOUS. I think it made me happier than settings PRs did in HS XC/Track. I was jubilant. And then my body betrayed me.

Or I was dumb and mistreated my body. Y'know, whatever. I like the other narrative better though.
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