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Re: The New Felt IA [TriRig]
TriRig wrote:
SuperDave wrote:

A TriRig front end can be used with an IA10 frameset but I think the stem stack on the TriRig is too tall for the production bike.


Hey Dave,

Our Alpha X and Sigma X stems have a very short 29mm clamping zone. So they should be just fine for swapping out on the production bike. They also come with their own ultra low 1mm dust cap, meaning that the total steerer tube needed is very little. Just 27mm or so when you account for the 3mm you leave below the top cap. Users should have no problem swapping to our hardware even on cut IA forks.

There is a custom top cap that fits the frame and box if you're using a standard stem. The head tube is not round so a round 1mm cover isn't going to be very useful.
Are you setting up your IA10 this way?


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