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Re: The New Felt IA [FlorianNY]
FlorianNY wrote:
I think that for my first tri bike I will buy the IA14 (for a 70.3 eaglemen 2016 and full IRONMAN 2017) but I would like to have your ideas:
- which aero hydration system would you recommend?
- do you think that Chinese 60mm carbon wheels will be a nice thing to put on
- do they have another color because honestly I'm not a fan of that yellow
- I'm 5'11, had a 54 Cannondale caad8 with aerobars before and should I go more for a 54 or 56?

1. Torhans seem to have some pretty good hydration options for the super bikes. Some of their offerings will actually make the bike faster if positioned correctly.
2. Nobody will say Chinese CCs are a great deal when options like FLO Wheels are in the market place. Same price, reputable brand and many happy users
3. The model you chose will only come in one colour scheme per year. If you don't like it you'll have to wait for next years colours for something else or choose another model. The last option is a custom paint job.
4. You body's measurements will not tell you which bike to choose. Triathlon fitting is much more precise than a road bike fit and therefor you should see a professional fitter and get your coordinates from them. Stack and reach are the gold standard for figuring out if the geometry for a bike is a fit for you. If you plan on dropping $3000-4000 on a bike please first protect your investment by spending $200-300 for a professional fit to ensure the bike fits your physiology. Failure to do so would result in you leaving time on the course or needing to purchase aftermarket parts (stem, aero bars, etc) to make the bike fit if at all.

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