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Re: Tacx Neo - Ask me anything [tgarson]
tgarson wrote:
mcmetal wrote:
racehd wrote:
but i thought total power and estimated power were the same thing

He is referring to the issues with the Kickr reading high. The Neo was supposed to be the ultimate of trainers, not requiring calibration, no temperature drift, so if this is true, then the Neo will also require a regular PM for controlling the load if you want an accurate and consistent workout .... just like the Kickr.

Or perhaps he knew plenty well about the issues reported against he KICKR but has the common sense to realize that it doesn't matter what effing trainer you have, if you are doing a single side estimation of total power with a possible imbalance then your trainer power is always going to be "off" relative.

But no, clearly if your power meter doesn't match your trainer it's definitely the trainers fault and not one of the other 20 possibilities.

F--k me, I quit these threads.

Your missing the history on this. Donzo in particular went through a lot to get things working correctly on his Kickr and finally has things working using his SRM to control the power. Basically it was pages and pages of folks with issues and solutions, hence the "here we go again" response he gave when someone mentioned the power was off.

See this thread:

As to if his "stages" was correct, who knows. All I can say is I have 3 Quarqs, 3 Computrainers and a Velotron and they all match up and are consistent. So no it's not too much to expect for Quarqs and SRMs to be accurate and consistent.
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