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Re: Proximal right femur stress fracture [dado0583]
Hi dado0583, looks like you are making good progress. Great news that you are running!

I got my second MRI results last Friday when meeting with my ortho doctor. I was extremely disappointed to learn that my FNSF wasn't healed. But it is healing and there is progress. It does feel better to walk around. The other bad news is that the doctor doesn't think I'll be running for another 3 months! Yikes. I really hope it doesn't take that long. Originally he thought I might be running by now. My FNSF is more in the trochanter which takes even longer to heal sometimes. These types of SFs can take 4-6 months to heal. I had started running on the Alter G at 25-33% of my body weight and that seemed to be working well. But the doctor had me cut down on the Alter G and only bike once a week. I can still swim. Some good news is that I'm swimming stronger at our master swims. I had a great swim this morning and have progressed so much from a year ago when I started swimming with the group. So at least I can continue to focus on swimming which is my weakest sport. I also have to do some deep water running at least one a week. Boring but it is better than nothing.

My new coach still thinks Puerto Rico 70.3 in March is feasible. As long as I can start running by the end of December I should be OK. I will probably do the run conservatively (even though it's a tough run).

I am supposed to have another MRI at the end of December.

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