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Re: IM Canada F40-44: new thread [Slowman]
Slowman wrote:
i hope you'll please pardon my snip of your comments. i understand how you feel. yes, the behavior that the data indicates happened harmed those who were unjustly kept from enjoying their reward. they are now, if belatedly, realizing the credit they are due.

i've spoken to a number of people who know her who, if you discount for a moment this silo of her behavior, have nothing but glowing comments about her. she's loved, admired, she's known to be giving, inspirational, and on and on. i can't speak about julie, i don't know her, and wouldn't try to characterize her if i did, but in my experience those who are loved and admired are often or usually loved and admired for good, valid and real reasons. everything that was thought good about them was good. most of us think of people in binary terms: good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. in my experience that's just not real life.

therefore i would prefer for those here to be circumspect, judicious, measured in their commentary. the actions on the field of play speak for themselves. i don't think they need amplification.

Yeah no worries and I totally get where you're coming from. I have no idea what kind of person she is, what her life has been like, what adversity she's had to deal with etc etc and besides I'm not exactly an angel (I go drunk and stole an old mans mobility scooter when I was at Uni/college), so I shouldn't be too quick to judge.
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