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Re: How was your week? August 24 Edition [tigerchik]
I'm going to post some photos from a this-week (today) "event." This was not a race, just a swim I wanted to do (Somes Sound - google "Mount Desert Island" and it's the body of water in the middle of the island). Only natural fjord on the eastern seaboard. It is about 4.2 miles (that is the as-the-crow-flies distance) and it is the most fun swim I've ever done. Last time (3 years ago) I went about 3 mi. This time I wanted to get out of the mouth of the Sound into open ocean, so we found a spot I could "land" and do that. I have that all over good warm endorphin feeling :-)

Last week I...
- Swam once (800 yards, lake)
- Rode 3x (43 mi)
- Ran 6x (54.6 mi)
- Took one day completely off
- Went to two demolition derbies at the fair :D

Goals for this week:
- At least 1 day off from running (1 done, today, hahaha)
- Ride 4x with one of them a speed workout
- Open water swim 2x while it is still summer.

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