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Re: what is Afib, really? [kathy_caribe]
Kathy, there is a lot of info out there on the web re: A-Fib and I encourage you to look into it and talk with your doctor, as well. A-Fib is the leading cause of strokes in people but can be dealt with effectively using a number of different therapy options.

******WARNING - Blatant Plug to follow***********

My company manufactures blood pressure monitors for consumers. We have developed a unique and patented technology that can discern the presence of A-Fib while taking your blood pressure. rather than just highlighting an irregular heartbeat (which most BP monitors can do), we can discern the difference between A-Fib and other types of arrhythmia. While we cannot yet sell the technology in the US (thanks, FDA), we do sell it right now in Mexico (and many other countries around the world). It is a simple, cost effective way for consumers to screen themselves for A-Fib. You can find the unit at all Costco Mexico stores or through the Costco Mexico website.


Please note that A-Fib is not always a "permanent state" condition. It can be transitory and not always present. So if you use our BP monitor and it does not give you a A-Fib warning, that does NOT mean you don't have A-Fib....it simply means that you are not in A-Fib at the time you took your reading. That said, we have conducted A-Fib screenings in clinics around the world and have positively screened many, many people (thousands?) for A-Fib who did not know they had it.

Again, I highly recommend that you discuss the issue with your doctor as a first line of attack.

A-Fib discussions aside, it is also not uncommon for a HRM to give high reading s for short periods of time when in the area of electrical wires or other environmental conditions.

Sorry for the plug, but felt it was relevant to Kathy's situation since the technology is available to here. if anyone else has any questions about it, feel free to PM me. Don't want to take up forum space.

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