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Re: Proximal right femur stress fracture [STConcierge]
Hi dado0583, Thanks for your post and sharing your story. Iím so sorry to learn you are also going through the frustrations of a stress fracture. It sounds like you are healing much quicker than most people who suffer femur stress fractures. That is great news you might be off the crutches sooner than the 4 weeks. Your symptoms are interesting where it only hurt in the beginning of the run. For me it hurt throughout the run and each run it would get worse. But mine is closer to the femoral neck in the hip. I did also have pain when putting all weight on my right leg.

My update: Iíve been on crutches for 3.5 weeks now. Iím seeing progress and know Iím healing, but I am not sure when Iíll be off the crutches. The ortho specialist said that when I can walk pain-free I can ditch the crutches. Iím allowed to swim with a pull buoy and spin easily on the computrainer. And I have some PT exercises. I can do activities that wonít cause pain.

To add insult to injury Iíve been dealing with flu symptoms and a low grade fever since this past Saturday that wax and wane. I hate doing it but Tylenol is the only thing that provides me some relief. And Iíve not been able to eat properly and have lost all appetite. This is not good for the healing of a stress fracture. I hardly ever get sick and canít remember the last time I had a flu.

The doc thought it was realistic to consider an early spring 70.3......just not sure which one. Any recommendations?

Iím still trying to determine how I got this stress fracture. The doc thought it was over training. I still have a little trouble buying completely into that. Iíve run marathons with much higher mileage and intensity and never got a stress fracture. I am getting my blood drawn this Monday and waiting back to hear about when Iíll get a bone density scan. My primary care provider had to order both. I might have some muscle imbalances that need to be addressed and luckily I now have an excellent PT who does Ironmans and understands where Iím coming from.

So thatís the story for now.


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