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Re: The New Felt IA [BryanD]
BryanD wrote:
Which do you like the most and why of all the current superbikes?

Dimond, Ventum, Cervelo P5, Trek Speed Concept, Felt IA, Quintana Roo PR6 or Specialized Shiv? (probably forgot a few)

i like the dimond the most personally out of the ones you listed looks good and fast but i think that canyon prototype that frodo and nils rode is the best because they solved flat, hydration and nutrition storage with a long-low geometry ( !!!!!!! )
i like the new ia that came out that is cheap due to the better geometry and price for an amazing frame would probably actually buy this one
spec shiv is not a superbike
ventum is probably the worst looking bike on the market imo but i really like the originality and i think it's probably a great bike
p5 is p5
the 7.5 sc is a pretty good deal
i think i would prefer the cd0.1 over the pr6
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