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Re: Any Canadians with/had a hip labral tear here? [CWM]
Hey Everyone,

Thank you so much for this thread - reading all of your posts has been helpful in reducing some of my anxiety and directing my research. I am lost on next steps though and was wondering if anyone can suggest what I have should prepared as I wait for a consult.

I have been dealing with limited mobility and constant pain in my right hip for about a year. I was being treated by a rheumatologist for misdiagnosed Bursitis but at my insistence to my GP that things were not improving (after rounds of meds and a cortisone shot) I was finally sent for an MRI which showed a large labral tear, severe tendonitis and something else in the glute area. The rheumatologist has informed my doctor that these tears "sometimes just repair themselves (!)" but I insisted on being sent for a consult with ortho surgeon after finding this thread. Based on the wonderful list here, I was able to get my GP to send a referral to Dr. Femi Ayeni in Hamilton. The rheumatoligst also sent a referral to Dr. Dan Whelan (of who I am not sure about seeing based on the feedback here), as well as to a local ortho in my area, Dr. Bertolia at Southlake Hospital. I have just learned of another in Richmond Hill, Dr. Anthony Marchie (his admin told me that he recently returned from specific training on these injuries in Europe) so I will be doing some research on him to see if I should request a consult. I have not yet heard back from the previously listed 3 surgeons and its been about 6 weeks since the referrals went out....... All of this is a time sensitive matter for me as I am turning 37 in a few months and would like to have another baby. I can't imagine being able to carry a pregnancy let alone going through labour with this type of pain and restricted mobility. I need to get this sorted out and on a list for surgery soon if that is a viable option for me.

My question to all of you is - is there any preparation that I can do while waiting to cut down on the run around once I have a consultation? As I have just had a regular MRI, I asked my GP to send me for a T3 or one with the dye so that we have more info for the surgeon as I anticipate that will be the first thing I will get sent for and then will have to wait for follow up. The GP said he is not able to request that... Would a physiotherapy clinic or chiropractor be able to do this? (I think I recall reading that in previous posts?). Has anyone begun a modified physio program to increase strength in prep for a possible surgery? Although its progressed to the point where some days I can't even lift my daughter or walk for longer than 5 min without a break... can't imagine exercise :)
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