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Re: Diamondback Serios **OFFICIAL THREAD** [hideano]

Just wanted to add a few notes to your build experience...

Steering limit pin:

The pin can be removed, but as you pointed out no more dings in top tube from handle bars or down tube from brake caliper. The turn radius is limited, but after a few rides on the Serios , I felt like it had more than adequate turning ability for most races situations.

BB/ Di2 Access:

There is access thru the BB on the Serios.

The Praxis BB on the Serios is one of their earlier designs that has a aluminum sleeve that is inserted into a frame prior to inserting the bearing cups. In this version, the sleeve must be removed in order to run the wiring.

Praxis' newest Shimano BB for PF30/BB30 does have access ports thru the aluminum frame sleeve that will let a junction box through, making running of the Di2 wiring easier.

The hardest part is running wire thru the rear chain stay. However, since I did not have the specific Shimano wire routing tool from Park (http://www.parktool.com/...ble-routing-kit-ir-1), I created a makeshift wire pull utilizing a typical shifter cable, running it through the frames chain stay from the Rear derailleur to the BB.

Then I attached the wire to cable narp using a small piece of electrical tape. (in photo example below I used scotch tape to help illustrate).Then I slowly pulled wiring harness through chain stay to BB to connect to the junction box.

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