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Re: Need a Doctor in the LA/SD area who specializes in Endurance Athletes... [justarunner]
to add to the voices, my son had a 100% collapsed lung and was not SOB and his O2 sats were mid 90s (above 95).

also you might see if you can contact Dr. Larry Creshwell (damn i can never remember his name) but he is on ST and runs a blog. let me see if i can find it. athlete's heart or something? http://www.athletesheart.org/

send him your ECG pic and see what he says. PE is not to be messed with. if your mom had some blood clot issues AND you have a PE you need to insist on a coagulable workup as you may have a hereditary condition (Iirc) like factor V or one of those. (course then you'll be on thinners life long but better than dying from a PE. because they are Not to be dismissed). good luck and keep us updated!

also were you definitively dx'd with hb? because that EKG doesn't look to me like HB (but what do I know).

also you're not taking any statins, right? those would cause muscle soreness.


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