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Need a Doctor in the LA/SD area who specializes in Endurance Athletes...
Title says it all but I know some of y'all will want more details so...

About 6 weeks ago I started having a few symptoms and I didn't put them together at first. I was recovering very slowly from workouts and could no longer do back to back workouts like my schedule sometimes calls for. I'm a 5k runner so these would be things like 5x1M @5:30 w/ 60s rest on Wednesday followed by 6x1000m @ 3:10-12 w/ 400-600m recovery on Thursday.

I started noticing I was getting a few headaches and dizzy upon standing up kind of things eventually. Then the kicker came when I started to not be able to breathe very normally while running. Every now and then a breath would not feel full. In the middle of these symptoms though I did drop a 1:15:50 half during a tempo run but the breathing was becoming an issue during it.

Fast forward to like a week or two later I was racing a 5k and probably should've been around 15:40-15:50 and by 1.5m I was totally sucking for air. Big gasps that just felt empty. I decided to take a day off for the first time in a while and then on Monday I went for an 11 miler. I was doing like 6:50's when around 5 miles I had to stop and just wait a minute to catch my breath. Each subsequent mile I had to stop again and catch my breath. That was 3 weeks ago, since then I've kind of had nonstop pressure on my chest and shortness of breath. I finally decided to run again friday but even 5m at 6:45 immediately made me sore for two days.

I finally saw a GP and had bloodwork done. Iron and what not was all good, thyroid was all good. But my EKG showed some heart block. Saw an electrophysiologist and did a stress test and I didn't drop any beats though while running, only while very relaxed which he was okay with. My ECG also looked good.

So here I am no thyroid issues, no iron anemia, nothing crazy wrong with my heart yet i've shortness of breath, tight chest, I yawn incessantly, and my muscles get sore so damn easy. I mean, I can literally lay down and flex my muscles and it'll go into a charlie horse.

I'm young, fit, eat well, do not drink (soda or alcohol), do not smoke, and I opted to get back on a multivitamin a week ago just to be safe and added magnesium to that.

Thus I'm in the market for a doctor in the LA/SD area (very willing to drive a good ways) who has worked with very fit endurance athletes who can shed more insight than a GP.

I'd strongly prefer the doctor to have experience with high mileage/quick athletes. Given there are so many pro triathletes/runners and college triathletes/runners around LA/SD, I figure there has got to be a doctor or five who will be able to help me.

Thank you so much!

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