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Re: Help with helping client buy new tri bike [SteelAl]
Hello Alexander my name is Colby Marple, marketing manager at GURU. Our company has developed a software solution called Bike Discovery which takes 4 measurements off of an existing bike or stationary fit bike to generate complete bike solutions for any bike manufacturer.

The measurements that we use are slightly different than those that you provided in your post. Let me know if you are able to measure the following:

Saddle Height = center of BB to top of middle of saddle (measure along seat tube)
Setback = nose of saddle to vertical center line of BB (measurement taken horizontally)
Reach = nose of saddle to end of aero extension
Drop = middle of saddle to floor MINUS middle of pad to floor

In addition, please send the following equipment information:

Saddle length = middle of rails to nose
Saddle thickness = middle of rails to top of saddle (middle)
Pad stack = center of basebar to top of pad (middle)
Pad offset = middle of pad to back of pad
Extension length = middle of basebar to end of extension

With this information, we will be able to provide your customer with recommended bike configurations from Cannondale, Felt and more than 100 other brands.

I can send you measurement guides for each of the points listed let me know if you have any questions. You can also learn more about Bike Discovery here and download a free 10-day trial: http://www.gurusports.net/software

Regards, Colby
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