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Re: Help with helping client buy new tri bike [SteelAl]
If you're wanting to rotate the position forward you need to factor in the increased drop as well.

The reason pad XY is useful is demonstrated below (using your measured Bar XY)

The Cannondale can just barely get there with a flipped stem. The Felt would get there more easily as it has a little more stack. But you wouldn't need to flip the stem as the stock aerobars come with a lot of pad stackers and the pads are able to be offset a long way behind the bar.

Because the Slice comes with terrible bars they would need to be changed and the right selection could remove the need for flipped stem there too.
Speed Concept could almost certainly hit that position as it has huge adjustment, though would likely need the Giraffe Stem.

Aerobars are a really important part of the calculation. Attachment shows a different tool (from the one above) that demonstrates balancing stem/spacer and aerobar specs to deal with differences in Frame XY.

Speedtheory | ST Interview
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