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Re: Any Canadians with/had a hip labral tear here? [Jenham]
1 yr to the week Post op FAI/micro fracture [70% tear in labrum/cam & pincer - basically my R hip ws f-ed up!]
anyway - I too initially saw Dr whalen - he felt the surgery was counter productive because of the size of the tear [too large], plus the onset of osteo-arthritis; he thus felt it was not worthwhile, also noting there was only a 40-60% chance of any marked improvement.
he wouldn't do the surgery but did refer me to Dr Femi Iyeni at McMaster - he specializes as well in FAI.


Long wait to see him, longer wait to have the surgery - big wait list - but, Great surgeon and [pretty much] successful surgery - while recovery was/is long and continuing, much better ROM. Was on crutches for nearly 10 weeks with total non weight bearing for 8 weeks - that sucked. used a CPM and it really helped.

I have no plans/likelihood to race an Ironman or marathon ever again, and haven't raced any triathlons/road races since the surgery, but I can run 45 min and ride/swim fine. May go back and do the odd Sprint just because I could.
Like Hutch, since the surgery, I am noticing the wattage on the bike is steadily getting higher/better. Sold the TT rig post surgery and now ride my road bikes exclusively - they fit better and the Q angle on my hips is more adaptable to the road position. Took months to feel "comfortable" that I could stress the surgical hip, but now, no worries at all.
Bottom line:
The surgery was worth it - just realize it may not be the magic bullet you are hoping for; go easy after, and DO YOUR PHYSIO/REHAB! Don't let the hip get stiff and tight; you will pay for it down the road.
Lastly, while Dan Whelan is a very good surgeon, he was/is just too busy to spend the time with each patient - and so, I can't recommend Dr Iyeni enough - he was not only an excellent surgeon, but thoughtful [he called me the day after the surgery to make sure I was doing ok!], funny, caring and approachable.
Which is a good thing, because, f me, I have to do the other hip this summer [major tear in the L hip labrum - sigh - there goes 2015...]
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