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Re: Official power2max support thread
During a ride this morning my power readings drifted about 10-15 watts lower during the middle of an interval.

I was at around 255 watts during the interval riding steady at 90-91 cadence and then it started dropping to 235-245 with the same cadence(no gear changes), I thought i had maybe bonked or something but when i was trying to bring the power back up it seemed extremely difficult and my HR was rising 5-7 bpm. My cadence didnt change but the power was reading much lower.

After the interval i down shifted and found that the power readings were still lower based off of the gearing i was in and cadence i was at. Below is a screen shot of the drop. The sharp raise in watts at the last quarter of the interval was me just doing a short sprint to try to hit the wattage.

I did a manual zero prior to my ride and use a KK road machine.[/img]


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