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Re: Let's see your ride! [GreenPlease]
Since it is DI2, less than 15 minutes. I have my bars mounted on a 100 stem and my tri setup on a 90 stem. Only thing is I need to run new rear brake cable each time. The road setup has the shimano in line quick release brake. That's where I have the housing cut for the swap out. Just pull the bars off there, and fish in the new brake cable, snip and you are done. Tririg front is pretty simple to put on. Plug DI2 wires in and rotate seatpost with the new saddle.

As for handling it is a dream. That is one comfortable bike. I actually like the little more relaxed than typical tri setup. I had a felt da before and for me it was twitchy because of the aggressive stance. Never got really comfortable with the ride of the da. I like this setup much more. This is a good road bike for someone who does triathlons and don't want a full blown tri superbike.
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