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Re: Let's see your ride! [DuGuy]
Here are the two that I'm using for 2015. TT bike not shod with race wheels as it's used daily for training in the sunny climate out here, so I need the powertap on the back. Both are getting a little old and worn, the TT bike will be getting treated to a mid year respray and the MTB will probably be ridden until it snaps in half with as little money spent on it as possible!

Here is the rest of my slightly slimmed down collection that sadly had to be left at home:

Track bike which is definable the least used but my absolute favourite, sat in front of my modest man cave (first ever bike frame hanging on the wall in the back!)

My first ever road bike that has had so many bits changed/ replaced I've lost count - built up from my spares box to sell but now sits as a spare bike at home.


Training Full Time in 2015: http://www.triopensource.com
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