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Re: Let's see your ride! [tessartype]
tessartype wrote:
Barchettaman wrote:
Merckx Corsa Extra, full Columbus SLX
Apologies for the crappy picture, the camera is playing up.
Steel is real, etc etc.

Campag wheels and a Shimano groupset? Heresy!

It's even worse than that, I'm afraid.

Unable to afford a set of classic Shamals that weren't cracked at the spoked eyelets, I put Campagnolo decals on a set of Felt TTR4 wheels that I had de-stickered.

In my defence the wheelset originally went on an Olmo with full Campagnolo 8-speed, I made a custom 7+1 Shimano cassette which worked. Shamals were available with a Shimano freehub back in the day. Oh, and the TTR4 wheels are just lovely.

I've left the Campagnolo stickers on to confuse people.

Get the most aero and light bike you can get. With the aero advantage you can be saving minutes and with the weight advantage you can be saving seconds. In a race against the clock both matter.

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